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My Story

This all started with piano lessons at six years old.  Thanks, Dad, for staying on me day after day, hour after hour.  Winning State in my division at the age of 15 was nice. But, even then, I felt there was more than just winning certificates and plastic trophies.  I felt like I was destined to do more!


My little brother inspired me to start writing my own music.  Learning to produce different styles of music is where I found my new goal, to become an audio recording engineer.  We created opportunities helping new and seasoned artists to reach new levels of exposure.  We're helping our artists find potential investors and legitimate record label contacts.


Working with so many artists, we have discovered how expensive it is for these people to contract a photographer or a videographer to document something special that they are working on.  In 2003, I came up with the idea of not only providing a single, or a demo, or an album but to provide, as well , a photo shoot or a video presentation.  We want to capture the artist's journeys in completing their projects to help expose their product faster.


About this time YouTube was just taking off and would soon be one of the main paths for artists to get closer to their fans. Our video concepts are very conducive to the kind of exposure YouTube gives people today.


Next thing I know, I'm shooting photos and making video recordings of our artists almost full time. I never gave it much thought that this could turn into something  big. The more opportunities I have, the more I can see the great potential that I have with my God-given talents.   Now.. it is my Passion.  It is so fulfilling to see the faces of our artists when they hear their music or see their videos. We know we are creating so much happiness and joy.


This is my journey.   Care to join me?

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